On the way of development

We were the first in the world to breed such white TV pepper hybrids that contain the highest resistance package so far. Zentus F₁ has resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, tomato spotted wilt virus, pepper powdery mildew, and cucumber mosaic virus. In addition to the above, our Kobalt F₁ variety has nematode resistance, as well.
Both varieties are characterized by the fact that they require little green work, are early ripening, have thick flesh and are extremely high yielding, that’s why they can be grown with very good results. The fruits of Zentus F₁ are bigger and fuller. Kobalt F₁ has narrower shoulders and is more elongated.

Between 1960 and 2000, the spicy paprika cultivation area in Hungary was on average around 13,600 ha, the year 1978 has been outstanding with 20,400 ha. Nowadays, this has decreased to almost to the tenth, to 1,600 ha.
Duna-R Kft. puts at its heart that the cultivation of spicy pepper in Hungary is maintained and that the production area does not decrease further. For this reason, the company’s management has considered spicy pepper breeding as a priority task for years. As a result, in 2021, Duna-R Kft. has announced two new sweet pepper hybrid varieties, which are suitable for mechanical harvesting, these are Hajnaltáj F₁ and Pirkadat F₁.

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